Located in the picturesque town Lüdinghausen in western Germany the private secondary school Gymnasium Canisianumis attended by 700 students. Education at the Canisianum is coined by social values as well as high academic standards focussing on subjects like Mathematics, Science, German, English, Latin, French, Spanish, Greek, History, Geography, RE, Politics, Social Studies, Education, Music, Art, PE and Drama. Beside its obligatory lessons the school offers a wide range of clubs, sport teams and competitions nurturing individual talents and is also involved in diverse charity events. As a so-called „Gymnasium” it is one of four types of secondary schools in Germany leading the highest graduation level from school (Abitur) and offering students the chance to attend university.

A typical German school day starts at 8 in the morning and ends at 2 o’clock, hence providing our students a lot of free time after having finished their lunch and homework at home. Most of the students of the Canisianum live in Lüdinghausen and its surrounding towns. While our students and their families enjoy the calm and idyllic life in a town, big cities like Münster, Düsseldorf or Cologne are only a short distance away. After a 30-minutes ride you can visit Münster’s beautiful historic city, relax at the lake or spend some time in the shopping district.

Being an open-minded and internationally oriented school, we always enjoy the pleasure and cultural enrichment of hosting students from around the world. Offering homestay at our own students’ families our international guests are able to experience German school and family life while profiting from the German language in use simultaneously. Due to our trips to different countries our students have already caught a glimpse at diverse traditions and lifestyles and are very eager to expand their knowledge. That’s why we appreciate international partnerships and intercultural exchange a lot and welcome new friends and partners around the world.


Gymnasium Canisianum

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